Summer Camp Jobs USA

the Companion Site to the Book and eBbook, with updates and more free resources !

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    Summer Camp Jobs USA
    is a paperback book, and an ebook ( for only one dollar ! ) published by Zorba Press. This is the companion website and blog to the book.
    Here you can find additional information about working with children; and resources for having fun, improving your skills, and teaching kids about how to make our world more sustainable.
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web cover for Summer Camp Jobs USA 2010

Welcome to the companion site of the book and ebook

Summer Camp Jobs USA

How to Find Your Job, Get Your Job and Love Your Job

Edition 2010

Paperback, 204 pages, $ 20

Ebook ( full version !!! ) only $ 4

When you purchase our ebook edition, you receive two formats in a zipped bundle: PDF and EPUB. Our EPUB editions have NO DRM.

Here you can:

  • Learn about the book and ebook
  • Buy a paperback, or an ebook (in 2 formats)
  • Get updates
  • Learn more about Children, Creativity and Camp
  • Find more free resources related to your job at summer camp